First in Europe

Belgian company Green Kow is the first in Europe to offer products containing insects (mealworms), to be distributed in regular stores
(organic and nature food stores).

What is Green Kow?

A delicious range of products containing insects, created to become part of your daily diet. On a toast, a slice of bread or a sandwich… a sweet or savory spread, for each moment of the day and for every craving.
Green Kow, 3 great reasons to 'enjoy the delicious'...

Culinary art

delicious recipes created by a Belgian two star chef. Creativity and expertise blended into absolute balance.

Nutritional value

the mealworm is truly loaded with proteins, mineral salts, vitamins.


a more efficient and less polluting way to farm. Green Kow delivers excellent animal protein, with a reduced, measured footprint.

Our products

We are proud to present the first four spreads with recipes created by the acclaimed Belgian two star Chef San Degeimbre.

2 salty spreads

carrot- and tomato-mealworm (pasteurized)

2 chocolate spreads

dark chocolate-mealworm and
milk chocolate-mealworm spread

4 fresh products to be stored in your refrigerator (7 ° max)

From now on you can get the carrot and tomato products of Green Kow in your Bio shop.
The chocolate will follow soon.

Where to find us

Are you a retailer, selling organic/ natural food? Or do you manage an organic/ natural restaurant or eating place?

You will find our products at Biofresh (,
in their fresh produce category.

Maybe you are just a lover of fine tasts and all good things, with a heart for the environment?

Then you will find our delicious spreads in selected organic/ natural food stores (and if not, ask your store manager to stock them too!). And you can discover it on the menu of organic/ natural restaurants.